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Nail Surgery

Four Weeks Post-op

Problems with toenails can occur in people of all ages and at times can be painful and debilitating. As we age the nails often change and toenail problems become more likely.It also becomes more difficult for people to adequately look after their feet and nails, which is especially important for people with diabetes, altered neurological state and/or compromised circulation.

We also  see plenty of children and teenagers with ingrown toenails at Rockingham Podiatry.  Ingrown Toenails are a common complaint and  may be caused by poor nail cutting technique, pressure from footwear, having nails with an unusual shape or trauma. A curved shaped nail and it`s associated problems may be hereditary.
Toenails in adults can gradually become thicker and sometimes very curved or curled in at the sides. This can cause pressure which is often worse in closed footwear or even in bed with the weight from covers.Initially there may be only minor discomfort to the toe. As it becomes worse the skin surrounding the nail may become red, swollen and tender. If the tight or ingrowing nail breaks the skin, there is then a potential point of entry for infection. An infected area or abcess can develop very quickly. It is important to address the infection through physically flushing the area and using an antiseptic, or in extreme cases antibiotics may be required.
The underlying problem is the nail and until this is removed the problem will not settle.Often treatment is simple, effective and virtually pain free. A small piece of the offending nail can be removed, normally giving immediate relief. If the area is kept clean  the problem may not reoccur as the nail regrows.

Nail Surgery

Chronic, severe or reoccurring ingrown nails may require a surgical approach. A straight forward procedure is performed in our rooms under local anaethesia.  A larger segment of nail is removed, and the matrix and nail bed are cauterized so this section of nail does not regrow. This procedure has a high success rate and the nail, once healed , will usually have a good appearance.

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