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Nail Problems

Problems with toenails can occur in people of all ages and at times can be painful and debilitating. As we age the nails often change and toenail problems become more likely. There is no need to suffer with problem nails.
It also becomes more difficult for people to adequately look after their feet and nails, which is especially important for people with diabetes, altered neurological state and/or compromised circulation.
Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown Nail

Ingrown toenails are a common complaint we see at Rockingham Podiatry. They may be caused by poor nail cutting technique, pressure from footwear, having nails with an unusual shape or trauma. A curved shaped nail and it`s associated problems may be hereditary. It is common for us to see children and teenagers with ingrown toenails.

Most ingrown nails can be treated easily and conservatively. If there are recurring problems with a nail a minor surgical procedure may be a treatment option. We can perform this procedure in our rooms under local anaesthetic. The offending section of nail is removed and the nail matrix is cauterised, preventing regrowth of this section of nail. This procedure has a very high success rate and we are performing this procedure regularly, with good results and happy patients.

Fungal Infections

Various pathogens may cause a fungal infection of the toenails. Part or all of the nail plate may be infected, and multiple nails may be involved. The nail plate may appear discoloured (yellow, brown or white), thickened and crumbly in areas where the nail may split. Nails may present with some of the said appearance without the presence of a fungal infection. An accurate diagnosis is essential before a suitable form of treatment is proposed.

Fungal Nail Fungal Nail

Other Nail Problems

Sometimes the nail plate can become thickened, grooved, bumpy or even change shape, particularly as we age. These concerns are often dealt with easily through correct cutting of the nail and thinning the nail plate if required. It can be difficult to self treat the nails.  We use various sterile instruments  to thin the nail plate and reduce pressure from troublesome nails.

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