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Children`s Feet

One Quarter of all bones in the human foot are found in the feet. Young feet are mostly cartilage for the first few months. Children`s feet are flexible and are easily damaged by tight or poor fitting shoes. As the years pass the bones grow and harden and they are normally fully developed by 18 years of age.
For the first year whilst not weight bearing the primary requirement for children`s feet is warmth and protection. When children begin to walk they do not require footwear indoors or where safe such as on grass. Allowing them to go barefoot or just wear socks enables the foot to gather sensory feedback, assists balance and promotes normal muscle tendon and ligament development.It is normal for young children to start off with flat feet as they are learning to walk, with arch development normally by about 6 years of age. Their walking patterns can be unusual or erratic, but should start to become more fluent and coordinated by 4-5 years of age.
If you are concerned about your child`s gait or if there is a family history of foot problems, the podiatrist`s at Rockingham Podiatry can provide a thorough assessment.
It is worthwhile making an appointment at Rockingham Podiatry if your child has :
  •  Pain to the feet, legs or knees. This may be growth related , such as heel pain in Sever`s or due to poor biomechanics.
  •  You notice unusual or uneven shoe wear
  •  Your child is regularly tripping or falling over

Ingrown toenails are very common in children and teenagers, often due to poor cutting technique or tearing the nail away. These can normally be fixed with simple conservative treatment, although we often perform nail surgery when required.

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