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Corns and Callous

If you are suffering with a painful corn, uncomfortable callous or cracked heels then relief is at hand. Sore feet can make you miserable and limit your activity. We have regular patients who visit us to keep there feet feeling wonderful. Often people have there feet treated before they go on holiday, allowing them to go away and enjoy themselves without the worry of painful feet or poor shoes.

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Corns and Callous 

I have a painful corn ! Rockingham Podiatry is here to provide relief. Corns are one of the most common problems we see at Rockingham Podiatry. The feet take thousands of steps each day so the slightest discomfort can be a real issue. The feet and toes are subjected to impact from the ground, as well as friction from footwear. Pressure or friction over a large an area of tissue may cause thickening of the skin as a reaction. The thick skin develops to protect the area under stress. A short but excessive amount of friction can cause a blister. Low grade but continuous stress can result in skin thickening which may eventually become painful.


These are essentially a focused area of callous development. They often are small in size but can be extremely painful. They normally form on a prominence such as joint or protruding bone. Common sites are on the tops of the toes, the tips of the toes and under the balls of the feet. They can also develop below nails, which are terribly painful. Corns can develop between the toes and when the area is moist they are known as a soft corn.

Besides being painful corns can also become infected easily if the skin breaks down. This is a real concern when people have underlying issues such as poor circulation or systemic conditions such as Diabetes.  It is important to have the lesion seen to by a podiatrist.

Interdigital Corn Interdigital Corn



Most corns are easily treated in a pain free way. The lesion is debrided and sometimes dressed. This usually provides immediate relief and a results in a happy patient. The person walks out the door feeling better straightaway. Normally the biggest challenge of a corn is preventing them from developing again. If the underlying stress, friction or impact continues the corn can return, sometimes quickly. It is therefore essential to limit or remove the source of irritation. Wearing suitable footwear is important as shoes, particularly with women, is often the underlying problem.

At Rockingham Podiatry we can give advice on footwear, show you what to look for, what to avoid and have shoe samples to show you. We can also recommend footwear retailers who will meet your needs.

Hard Corn Hard Corn

Sometimes we can also look at changing gait, deflecting pressure  or changing the areas of the feet which bear load. We may do shoe modifications and often make custom orthoses to cradle your feet, change gait and provide cushioning. The orthotics will last for years, are comfortable to wear and can avoid the development of painful corns.

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