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Shin Splints

Shin Splints
There has various terms to describe pain in the lower leg over the years. Shin splints is a common term which has been used, but in recent years medial tibial stress syndrome has become the descriptive phrase for pain in the lower leg. Pain is at the inner (medial) side of the tibia (the main lower leg bone), either at the front (anterior) or deep at the back (posterior) areas. This is a common presenting injury at Rockingham Podiatry.Pain can occur in anyone, but is more common in active people such as runners or triathletes.  It is an overuse injury resulting from repetitive excessive stresswhich then causes injury. Pain occurs during activity in the mentioned areas, there may be swelling and redness whilst the area can be very tender to palpate.
Firstly there must be rest from the aggravating impact forces.  Pain and inflammation can be treated conservatively with ice, various physical therapy and sometimes anti-inflammatory medication.Swimming and cycling can be substituted to stay active and maintain fitness. An appropriate plan for the resumption of activity is important.Addressing poor mechanical influences is essential. Footwear needs to be checked, running surfaces reviewed and an appropriate training plan introduced.An assessment of the mechanics of the feet and lower limbs is vital. Mal-alignment of the feet and legs may result in poor shock absorption and an inability of the body to deal with the repetitive forces occurring with running.
Orthotics( in shoe devices ) can be useful in correcting poor foot function and the associated inability of the lower limbs to deal with impact and shock absorption. If faulty mechanics are not addressed there is the potential for a re occurrence of the injury when the patient attempts to resume increased levels of activity.

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