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Knee Pain

At Rockingham Podiatry knee pain  is one the most common presenting problems we see. It is important to not only treat the existing pain but also aim to prevent future problems. The parts of the lower limb are interconnected and problems with poor alignment, muscle imbalance and faulty gait mechanics can all contribute to knee pain. People of all ages, even children, can suffer with knee pain. The knee is a complex joint and correct diagnosis is essential to successfully provide relief. It is important to look at the whole lower limb, not just the painful knee in isolation. Symptoms will vary depending on the location of the injury, structures involved,  and the age of patient.
In patellofemoralpain for example the pain is normally under or around the knee cap, may have a grating sensation of the knee cap, irritated by using stairs or doing squats It normally occurs in children or active adults.
Os good schlattersdisease affects children between 10 and 15 of age,  is characterised by pain and tenderness on the front of the tibia below the knee, may have a prominent bump and is more painful with increased activity.

Osteoarthtitis can be deep within the knee joint, or to one side of the knee or the other. It tends occur from middle age and older, with pain gradually increasing over time.

Podiatrist and Knee Pain

Foot function, lower limb biomechanics and  alignment can have an influence on the development of knee pain. The way the knees and the feet function are interrelated.
A podiatrist will look at the way structures are functioning, especially in gait, and then look to to address any faulty mechanical issues and other contributing factors. A treatment plan may include :

  •  Suitable footwear
  •  Orthotics to correct poor foot function
  •  Assesssing activity and training regimes
  •  Assessing and advising regarding good muscle balance and strength

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