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I have heel pain in the morning, is this plantar fasciitis ?    Will Orthotics Help ?

What`s causing my knee pain when I exercise ?  How to I get rid of this painful corn ?

My son has sore feet and hobbles during  sport, is this a Podiatrist`s area ? Is this what they call Sever’s ?

Can this annoying ingrown toenail be fixed ?

How does Diabetes affect the feet ?

These are some of the  common questions we regularly answer at Rockingham Podiatry. If you are looking for a podiatrist in Rockingham,  our team are highly qualified and experienced, which means that we will look after your foot pain and quickly get you back to your active self.  We have been established in Rockingham for over 22 years.  We can

  • Analyse gait patterns,  including joint and muscle function
  • Evaluate and discuss exercise programs
  • Assess and recommend footwear

Treatment may include

  • Orthotic prescription ( in shoe devices ) to correct faulty mechanics
  • Soft tissue rehabilitation
  • Joint mobilisation
  • Dry needling
  • Laser Therapy




Rockingham Podiatry is also a general family practice.  Having young families ourselves we are keen to look after children`s feet as well,  providing assessment and treatment for kids with gait problems and symptoms related to their growing feet and legs. We also provide treatment for common foot problems as ingrown toenails, corns and callous, as well as fungal infections. Diabetic feet in particular require good care.

Unless you are covered under Veterans Affairs or on a Medicare EPC program, you do not require a referral.

Click to book online here   or  Just call us on  9592 1068 to make an appointment during normal office hours.

Patients who have podiatry cover with their private health fund should be eligible for rebates. Bring your health fund card to your visit as these rebates can normally be claimed on the spot using the Health Industry Claims and Payment Service ( HICAPS ).  EFTPOS and major credit cards are also processed.

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