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Orthotics  ( or orthoses ) are inserts which are prescribed to support realign or improve the function of the foot. Only a podiatrist has the necessary study and training to accurately prescribe an orthotic which is custom made to meet your individual biomechanical requirements. A suitable orthotic device can only be  made after a comprehensive biomechanical assessment which will include gait analysis, muscle testing, muscle evaluation and looking at how the foot is functioning. Follow up review and fine tuning is essential in successful othotic therapy.
There are many off the shelf devices and orthotics issued by people who have a limited  understanding of feet. In many cases this may hinder rather help complaints.People of all ages where orthotics to help with a variety of foot or lower limb problems.
Orthotics & CastsThey are useful at treating and providing long term prevention for a range of problems. Active or sporty people may find that orthotics help to address there biomechnical needs and maximise their performance.
Some conditions for which orthotics may be prescribed are :
  •  Heel pain or plantar fasciitis
  •  Knee or hip pain
  •  Achilles tendinopathy and other tendonitis
  •  Shin pain and compartment syndrome
  •  Stress Fractures
  •  Neuroma
  •  Bunions
  •  Arthritic conditions
  •  A range of children`s growing pains and problems

At Rockingham Podiatry we have a wealth of experience and biomechanical understanding, which means that we can diagnose your problem,  accurately assess your mechanics and then prescribe a suitable custom orthotic device. We can sometimes also salvage poorly made devices from other practitioners.

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